Camps are fun and there’s more to them than games and songs. In this digital age, the great outdoors offers the much-needed break that helps children explore the world outside. Camps play an important role in filling a gap in the lives of modern children.

If you are wondering whether or not to enroll your child to a summer camp, here are compelling reasons you should do so:

Boost their Self-Esteem

Children who are at a camp do not have their parents to help them approach other people and make connections. They need to voluntarily get out of their shell. This teaches them confidence when making friends. Also, as they learn to canoe or develop archery skills, they realize their capability to learn and grow.

Help them Interact with Nature

Camps get children outdoors and enjoy nature face-to-face. These days, children spend most of their time indoors, causing a deficit in their interaction with nature. However, camps reconnect them with nature where they can see things plants and animals in person as well as experience swimming in a lake or biking along a path.

Help them Become Independent

In camps, children learn to take care of themselves with the guidance of their coordinators. Camps have set bedtimes and packed schedules and kids need to get themselves up and ready. They make their camp beds and go to the mess hall. They engage in arts and crafts activities such as Fitness by the Sea’s craft ideas. Those who are too attached to their parents can learn how to trust themselves in making decisions.

Learn Important Leadership Skills

Camps let children make choices and direct summer projects which, in turn, help them learn leadership skills. Children with these skills may not be easily affected by peer pressure and may set the pace and tone for other children. They tend to feel empowered in tasks they take on in their lives.

Build Good Memories

Children in camps build good memories such as enjoying the summer with a unique experience with nature and meeting new friends. These memories are built as they take part in fun activities and even when they solve certain challenges. As they learn to discover many things in camps, they improve themselves which stays with them long into adulthood.

Get them Active

In camps, children learn how to be children again as they cut back on distractions. Camps effectively ban electronics so that children can take advantage of what summertime has to offer. Children take part in many fun and sometimes challenging activities to get them moving.