China Focus: The Development and Prospect of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Malaria, the world’s No. 1 insect-borne infectious disease, is always asked in the immunization form before international students arriving in America. This is an important step in the U.S. international student insurance (aka 美国留学生 保险) enrollment procedure, and it is more significant than purchasing F-1 international student medical insurance (aka Continue Reading

Family Unity – An Operating Approach

Family existence is definitely an inevitable need for people. Pointless to state, our collective and individual existence impels/compels us towards family existence. A family – youthful or mature – seriously yearns for happiness and unity. However, within this age, when, statistically, marital/familial issues are growing enormously, it’s surmised that creating Continue Reading

Who’s A Family Physician?

Most doctors are educated to treat specific ailments and particular organs. However, a family physician has understanding to look after the human body and both genders. They’ve understanding for chronic or severe ailments. Additionally, the family physician offers regular health checks and suggestions about lifestyle adjustments. They assist to avoid Continue Reading